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Self defence workshops

RGP's Street Smart and practical self-defense workshops have proved to be a massive hit with businesses and organisations ranging from the licensed trade, healthcare professionals, schools and colleges.

The Workshops are a practical form of personal protection, that are fun, informative and a great opportunity for team building that can also boost personal confidence.  Family, friends, and children are also welcome.

You don't need to be physically fit or have any previous self-defense training to participate, as the techniques are designed in such a way to use minimal energy and natural movement.

Each Workshop lasts approximately 2hrs and is fully certificated by the awarding body, led by qualified instructor Rick Pridmore who holds an official ‘Teachers’ rank in Ninjutsu and self-defense.

RGP Offer 4 levels of Workshop that can be undertaken on their own or combined to create an extended Workshop.

Level 1: Basics

Break-Away & Escape


This Workshop focuses on fundamental Breakaways, disengagements, escapes & defenses from common threats and initial attacks using effective and lawful applications to break away from an attack and escape retaining passive and non-threatening methods without inflicting pain or injury to assailant but enough to deter them from continuing.

De-escalation of conflict and simple movements to disengage from various grabs.

# Wrist Escapes, Lapel Escapes, Hair pull escapes, sleeve escapes, bear hug escapes, headlock escapes, strangle escapes, chokehold escapes, basic deflecting/redirecting punches & ‘soft’ blocking.


Level 2: Intermediate

Counter Strike


Workshop two is a more physically involved stage, developing the basic defenses from level 1 with the addition of responding to an attack with effective and lawful counter manoeuvres to deal with the opponent – a fight or flight option, whereas Level 1 encourages Flight (escape methods) Level 2 is the use of immobilising assailant prior to escaping or creating a more decisive outcome to the altercation prior to escaping.
# Disengagements & joint locks, anti-sexual assault ground work, pressure point & soft ‘targets’ manipulation, various defensive counter strikes to certain targets, arm lock escapes, ‘hard’ blocks & counter-strikes, sweeps & basic kicks.


Level 3: Advanced



Establishing basics and intermediate using flow and natural response & reaction. Use of flesh grabs and unorthodox manoeuvres, taking balance or assailant, defences from knife, bottle, stick. (Melee Weapons) -The use of belt, scarf, walking stick, umbrella, clothing in close quarters. Basic Defence against professional attacks such as martial arts kicks, strikes, throws, chokes & a continuation of ground work techniques.


Level 4

Dojo Standard


All three Workshops are interwoven along with extra applications such as a multiple attacker scenario, other weapons. Training in advanced strikes, kicks & throws. 

We recommend, that after Level 3 you may wish to join an approved martial arts dojo or regular self-defences classes with a reputable and qualified instructor in order to continue your training, therefore keeping it consistent, fresh and developed.

For Availability, pricing or any further questions about our popular Self-Defence Workshop


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